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Trip Tips

Trip Tips
Planning Your Trip
This is well worth watching in its entirety. Rick Steves travels the way we both want to eventually travel. Plenty of good advice. How long is too long to stay in a major city?, get reservations for every major site you want to see. Break away from the tour group, how the tour companies actually make their money, using local tour guides, etc. With this frame of reference, we can better understand what our tour company will/will not do once we get a better picture of what's covered in your tour.

Packing Tips and Tricks
(from Rick Steve's series)

This is a must see:

Rick Steves Travel Talks is a great series of videos regarding generic traveling tips  Click here for the series. 

If you use Facebook, you can probably get to this video. A great short packing video posted by Brainy Crafts.

Travel Agencies

Claudia did the footwork to locate a reputable travel agency to process our travel to Europe. We are using Affordable Tours. You can request information online, with no hassle. They also offer some pretty significant discounts as well. Check them out. In fact, check out their Referral and Discount Program before booking through any Tour company. Yes, we are big fans! Let us refer you for additional savings! Check out our Discounts page for specifics.

Check out our Travel Gear Store page for particular items we are recommending.

Before you step foot on the "Big Bird" to take your tour of Europe, here are some things you should pay attention to in chronological order leading up to the day you leave. (From Affordable "Know Before You Go".

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