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Developing A Sense of Community

The Travel Buddies cannot, in it's current legal status, act as a tour operator and offer to organize any group tours. So what is the next best thing we can offer? 

We are a virtual community...meaning: 

1) We can share our experiences through this blog, by posting comments on the appropriate pages and posts. We now have a Group set up in Flickr, open to the public to have discussions, upload your favorite photos/videos from one of your own European adventures! 

3)  Connect with us on Facebook. We now have a Facebook Group and a Store to merchandise our Branded apparel! the Group is Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures! and the Storefront is Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures Store.

2) Participate in live interactive streaming events hosted by The Travel Buddies via Periscope or Facebook. You will be able to post comments and we can respond in real time. (at this point, we are not yet set up for live streaming. We will do a posting when we have this feature set up.)

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