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(Created 2/27/2018)

(Sections of this Disclaimer that are updated or added will carry (Update: (date)) at the end of the section)

Let's get the legal stuff out of the way and go have some fun!
  1. "Travel"(otherwise know on Blogger .com as "Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures!") is the sole legal responsibility of Bill League to operate within existing laws in North Carolina, USA as a Sole Proprietorship. (hereinafter within this site referred to as TB. It is registered through as
  2. Contributions - TB will offer the opportunity to those who wish to support our efforts financially, free of coercion, to help fund our travel adventures and improvements to our site. Any such contributions will be reported as income on his personal taxes. Bill League is the "owner" of the URL and this blog and will have sole legal standing and responsibility for himself and any agent acting on his behalf, with other entities. Services such as GoFundMe or Patreon may be employed. Currently, no relationship with either entity has been established.
  3. Paid Subscription Services - TB does not offer a paid subscription-based service. Individuals may signup for free email notifications on content originating from this site.
  4. Partner Affiliations - To offer a reliable connection to companies we recommend, a Partnership arrangement may be made. TB will benefit from any discounts or profits dispensed by those entities based on sales to self referred site visitors. These partner relationships will be identified in this section or in another section and will be highlighted in postings as an Affiliated Partner (AP). We also anticipate our visitors may also benefit from a TB referral as well.
  5. Non-Partner Recommendations - As is many times the case, we run across products or services that just rock and we want to share those with our followers. References to these products and companies will be identified with (NP) after the product or company name.
  6. Group Tours or Traveling with Travel Buddies friends - As TB is not designed to be yet another tour operator, TB will not organize group tours nor pay for anyone's tour. Our responsibility ends with giving advice. If a few of us want to travel together, we'll do so as friends, each paying their own way and making our own arrangements, or coordinating our arrangements. This becomes an issue of legal liability.
  7. Confidentiality - It is TB policy not to spam anyone nor sell any information or list we may generate. We may establish a practice of routine emailing. If so, it will be through an established email marketing company that is designed to prevent spamming.TB will be required to ensure you have an opportunity to opt-in (to get your permission) before any automated emails are sent to you.
  8. Contact Information - Please send any inquiries to or through any comment section in the site. For our own privacy and security, we will not publicly share our personal contact information, unless there is a reasonable need to know. We reserve the right to share our personal information with our site visitors at our discretion.

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