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Well, if we are going to be dispensing travel advice/ recommendations, it only makes sense to check to see if we are blowing hot air or not...that's only fair. We don't claim to know everything; however, we also learn from others'experience, try other solutions to challenges and learn. We want to share what we have tried.  That is the aim of this blog....besides just having a lot of fun along the way which is our #1 aim!  We want you to also have fun. So what have been our experiences to date? Here's a brief travel bio written in our own words...
Thank you for visiting the Travel Buddies blog!  Bill and I are looking forward to sharing our excellent adventures with you. 

I'm an "energizer bunny" senior citizen (72 years old)....always moving...always learning.  I live in the San Ignacio area of Belize...been here about 9 years.  I live a busy, interesting life on a fixed retirement income.

I was born in Chicago and lived there for many years...moved to Arizona for 14 years then to Belize after the sudden death of my husband.

I have a BA in Communication/graphic arts.   I have a son and daughter in their 40's and a 13 year old grandson. 

I've worked in corporate banking for many years...have been a foster parent...worked in politics and in law enforcement.

My travel experiences are not as a 'tourist'. Let me tell you a little about that.

My daughter was born in Sparta, Greece. I lived there about 4 months. I was able to speak, read and write minimal Greek so that helped me a great deal.  I learned to cook Greek food and 'saw the sights' with my husband's family.  Greece was quite an adventure!

I've also traveled to South Korea to visit my son who was teaching English there. I enjoyed that experience...the food..the language..the wonderful people I met there.  I learned to speak a little Korean and was honored to 'guest teach' in my son's English c;lass.

I've owned a condo timeshare in Cancun Mexico.  Had wonderful fun!

I love to many new experiences..amazing places.  Bill and I are looking forward to traveling this beautiful planet and sharing our good times with you!



My made up travel mottos...
"Pack light, you won't miss what you don't have to carry around, like your camel"  or "Why carry around one small device that can do everything...take everything and feel like a camel"

Seriously motto is more like, "Bill's Excellent Adventures!" 
(I told that to an old man is a mall one day...he asked me, thinking I was referring to the cornball movie, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". He asked me where was Ted? My response was, "I left Ted in Greensboro, NC drunk in a Mexican Restaurant!" The old man had a shocked look on his face. Not a completely true story...the old man did ask me where was Ted; but I don't know a Ted...or was his name Steve...humm 😎)

I travel with the mindset that I will have an extraordinary adventure. I envision a trip full of new sights, sounds and smells.I will meet people from every walk of life. I am curious about the new cultures I encounter, Breaking my comfort zone is the real key to enjoying travel. It adds a new window through which you can explore your own personal limitations and feel free where perhaps you had felt trapped.

I was born in Ohio, moved to North Carolina after getting married to go to grad school, earning my MSW. I have two great sons, in their 30's, no grandchildren as of yet. I worked for 27 years in State Government helping troubled youth, and took retirement at age 56...I haven't look back since.

My first overseas adventure was actually in my early 20's as a US Marine (I'm 71 now)...traveled, not to Southeast Asia, but took a boat ride on a really big boat, an Aircraft Carrier, to the Mediterranean. 
USS America

Lugano, Switzerland
Visited the coastal regions of Spain, France (went skiing in Val-de-Sare France), Italy, Greece, the amazing Island of Rhodes and Turkey. Three of us traveled on "holiday" for a week into Lugano, Switzerland (oh, the stories I could tell!) We actually called the American Embassy in Switzerland to see what would happen to us if we just stayed there. Response? "When we find you, we will be pumping sunshine to you for the next 20 years." Ok...that was an easy decision!
Lindos, Island of Rhoades, Greece
I coined the name for my travels much later in life after my retirement. I took a solo 27 month camping trip around mainly the western part of the US. I fell in love with the desert landscape. Steinbeck's book, "Travels with Charley" captured my experience (the intro to that book perfectly describes the anticipation and experience; read it some time). I lived for two months on an Indian Reservation and would stop and camp for as long as two weeks in one location. I'd awaken each morning and ask myself two questions, "Do I want to stay another day, or move on?" The second question would be, "if I'm moving on, where do I want to go today?" I'd be packed up in my high top camper truck in 20 minutes if the latter.

Placencia, Belize
Placencia , Belize 
My last adventure was to live in Belize for a year in 2015-16. I stayed in a little wooden typical Belizean stilt house on an island in Placencia. I had a dingy to cross the canal, where a local crocodile called home, and had a "pet" Iguana some 4 1/2 to 5 ft long wandering around my place.  Met a lot of expats living there and I just loved the Mayan population there. Sweet and kind people. Toward the end of my year is when Claudia and I met...we've become good friends and have been communicating ever since and scheming ways to get ourselves to Europe!
Xunanhunich Mayan Ruins

There are many more stories of course, but these are the highlights of my own journey. Learn to enjoy this life journey...just start a new chapter in your Book of Life! Stay in touch with us!


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