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(This page is a work in progress)
The best defense against emergencies is a good your homework and make wise decisions. Some "emergencies" are self-inflicted"

If you are on an escorted tour, the first person you should talk to is your Tour Guide about any of the following issues. Their own websites will have a FAQ section that will answer many of your questions. They will know the resources and have had to deal with these issues many times. Also, your tour operator will have many recommendations you should heed, Some will be specific to their own procedures...remember, they want you to have a fun and safe trip as much as you do. 

There are many common sense things you can when preparing for such an adventure. Watch the videos posted on the "Trip Tips" page and see how they recommend getting packed to minimize these risks. Even then, there are things outside their control, so prepare yourself with knowledge before you step onto that flight. 

The other golden rule is to always have travel insurance. Your tour company more than likely has a partnership arrangement with one to help themselves out, but to also make the process of booking smoother and it helps ease the stress levels if you've never gone through a booking process before.

The purpose of such insurance, of course, is to provide protection and can cover almost every conceivable emergency. They all have provisions for helping you if you are stuck, missed a flight, missed the Tour Bus and have to catch up with the tour, tour cancels, or if a medical emergency. arises. Many even cover what happens if you die and have to have your body sent back to the states.  Most have provisions for emergency funds and per diem allowances for such emergencies. 

Here is a link to a search results on travel insurance, if you want to compare companies and policy differences as well as costs. Travel Buddies did not opt for the insurance when we first booked and ended up paying an additional $30 for the policy later, all because we didn't do the research first to find out if the original offering was reasonable. 

This section addresses some of the more unique issues that may arise while on your trip...unique circumstances not specifically addressed in the "Trip Tips" page.


  1. I’d recommend having a photo of your passport on your phone or photocopy. This way if it is lost you have all the important info available.

    1. Thanks for the tip Wendy. Claudia's son just suggested that as well . I'll build your suggestion into this page. Have a great day!