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Monday, October 1, 2018

From UK to Calais through Belgium into Amsterdam!

Dateline Sunday 9/30/2018!
A 3:45 AM awake time had Claudia and I scrambling to meet the demands of our tour! This being the first full day with our tour group made for quiet an adventure!

Expecting a full breakfast buffet, it was a slight disappointment to be greeted with a traditional European fare of coffee, juice, and rolls...a traditional continental breakfast and one we expect to experience through our adventure!

We gathered with others and climbed aboard the tour bus at 4:45 AM for about an 1.5 hr ride south to Dover and the infamous White Cliffs.

We made our way through port customs and onto a huge ferry for another hour and a half ride across the channel, enjoying a full English breakfast for 10 Pounds each, to Calais, France and on toward the east to Belgium.

It is currently after 1 pm as we cross Belgium, past Brussels, Dunkirk, and Antwerp.

The roadway we are traveling is on of the best well-lit in all of Europe.

It is now 3:30 pm, 41 km from Amsterdam.

We arrived at the Amsterdam airport hotel about 4:30 pm got our luggage in our room freshened up, and went on a canal cruise through Amsterdam had dinner on our own (famous for their fries with a mayo topping, plus an extra side dinner of short ribs a few shops down)

More tomorrow. Stay tuned as pics and videos are developed!

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