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Saturday, May 26, 2018

We all love food, but when is it too much?

Hi Travel Buddies! This is Claudia!

Bill shared a celebratory experience with me this morning....a family event...a magnificent meal.

Bill mentioned that he didn't sleep well after that meal and felt sluggish the next morning.

Why did that wonderful meal cause discomfort for Bill?

Let's look at that....

  * Our body needs food for energy.

. * Too much food...too much rich food can cause digestive problems
. *  Rich food eaten late in the day causes our digestive system to work very hard.

.  * Our bodies are not able to achieve restful sleep

   * We toss and turn and wake up sluggish and out of sorts.

As energetic senior citizens...we need to eat healthy food at breakfast..lunch and dinner and keep hydrated (fruit, vegetables, lean meat and fish)  that will give us energy for normal tasks and to build up our endurance for travel and adventure.

So....Travel Buddies....

learn a lesson from Bill...
...enjoy a special meal
...not too heavy..
...not too late

Until next time....keep moving..keep healthy.

Claudia/Travel Buddy

(Remember...we want to enjoy our trips overseas and sample in the unique cultural foods of our host countries. We must remember to sample these foods in moderation so as to not create the type of problems I created for myself. We must be able to get a good night's sleep and function with full vigor the next day! - Bill)

1 comment:

  1. we will be in food heaven on our European tour...let's enjoy...but not overdo