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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Senior Travel Fitness

Claudia and I decided to add a page called Senior Travel Fitness.  How many of you out there in travel land are hesitant to take on an overseas trip because you no longer feel as if you are in good enough physical shape? You watch travel documentaries enjoying the scenery and the various cultures but do not see yourself actually taking that step to book a tour?

It just might be you feel insecure about your physical condition. We're here to take that excuse away from you...with your help of course. We decided to add this module to our site as a way to counter your hesitation! Yes, as we all know, most of us do not have the physical strength we had just 10 years ago. And like many, you just got comfortable and reduced your expectation as to what you could actually do. You take 50 steps and you're aching, or feel exhausted. Your feet hurt, you're breathing heavy, that old pain in your sacroiliac is coming back! Whatever shall you do?

Tours are typically fast-paced events with early rising, long days on your feet, and by nightfall, you are exhausted. So what do you say we do something to minimize the impact of a tour before we actually get on that plane to fly to Europe!

On this new page, you will find a series of videos produced by Travel Buddies as well as a few links to Senior Fitness programs that will help you plan out a daily routine you can implement starting six months out from your tour date.

So, let's get started! (I know you don't want to be the one person on your tour bus that complains constantly about how tired or sore you are.)

Here is a strength building site with many good videos to help you kickstart your fitness routine! It's called "Easy Strength Training Exercises for Seniors"  by Dr. Mercola. There are also, of course, the popular Silver Sneakers fitness programs now offered through most health insurance companies. We will cover that program in depth in a video.

(Disclaimer: Travel Buddies are not medical experts, so you should always check with your Physician and or your Physical Therapist to determine if you are fit enough to begin any exercise routine. In fact, your specialists may have exercise programs they can recommend to you. What is presented here are just things Claudia and I have discovered that work for us.)

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