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Saturday, May 26, 2018

5 Top Trip Tips Articles from our Blog

5 Top Trip Tips Articles from our Blog

While we are creating more and more posts and videos of our own, there is such a wealth of useful information online that we decided to build our own aggregation of the best advice we run across. All these articles can be found under our drop-down menus on our "Trip Tips" page.  Here are five top articles we think are worthy of drawing to your attention.

Start your overseas travel by enrolling in this program. Not only will the US Embassies be able to contact you if unexpected crises arise, your family contact can be reached if anything goes wrong.

3. 7 Reasons You Smell Bad When Traveling (SmarterTravel) Good advice for those long long flights to remain at peace with your fellow travelers!

4. Rick Steves Travel Audio App is a wealth of information to have while on the go. These are audio tours that you can selectively download for the countries and cities and sites of your choice to your smartphone and need not be connected to local WiFi. This is the link to the Google Play app for Android.

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