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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stuff vs Adventure

Stuff vs Adventure
 We all know when we get to the age Claudia and I are, that having too much stuff can be more of a burden than a blessing...that there are other aspects of life and living that have much more meaning. 

Family is one. Another of the major joys in the world is to experience what this world has to feed that desire, to scratch that "itch".  Something else that gives us great joy is giving a part of ourselves to something bigger; causes that are our passion. 

In the linked article, this author talks about spending your discretionary money on having life experiences rather than just buying more stuff. Claudia and I are in agreement that to find a way to help others when in another country is to follow that passion as well as a new experience.

Claudia's passion is animal welfare. She would like to find time, whether on this trip or a future trip, to volunteer at an animal shelter for a day or two, or whatever the schedule permits. As an old social worker that worked with troubled youth, I'd like to find a way to volunteer for a day or two helping troubled kids, or at least share my experience with the staff of one of those organizations. The setting doesn't matter, the activity doesn't matter.

Don't let a language barrier stop you from adventure or following a dream...more over, make it the reason, not the excuse.

Read this article, The 1 Thing You Should Be Spending Money on to Be Happythen answer the following question for yourself. Share your dream...share it with us! Make it become a reality!

What's your passion, what's your dream?

 (Humm, just planting a seed here...wonder how many of you would like to be part of a special group trip to follow your passion? We agree on a European destination, do some sightseeing and spend time there as volunteers. We all do not have to have the same passion and volunteer interests. In fact, the more variety the better the trip! Let us know what you think?)

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Good Day!

Bill, Co-Creator of Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures!

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