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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Growth of our "System"

How are you all doing! It's supposed to be spring here in NC, but when you wake up to snow and cold temps, you know something is amiss!

While I have been busy putting all the technological pieces of our blog puzzle together, Claudia has been feeding useful travel tip information to me from various sources. We are on our way to having a good site packed with useful tips!

Claudia has been obtaining more information on international airline travel and how to navigate that complex system easier, and gems on how to dress and what to take while on our flight. So please check out the Links page as well as Trip Tips sections for more details! We are extremely excited about this new "turning the page" and starting new chapters in our life stories! Here's one her picks this week...What 11 things not to wear going through airport security

Meanwhile, I have created several pulldown menus to help the pages stay clean without scrolling halfway to Belize to find something useful with built-in search capabilities! We added a menu system for each country we will be visiting. They will begin to flush out the details as our trip nears, and especially document the best of each country!

We created a Facebook group called, Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures!, and a newly inspired Facebook page called, Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures Store, where we plan to market our own branded Travel Buddies apparel in the near future! So, if you have access to Facebook, please stop by and join each! The Group will be non-commercial, while the Store will be a small commercial venture. I wanted to physically separate the purpose for each.

The big task completed this week has been the installation of a chat system. The icon is found at the bottom right corner of each page.

Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your support!

On behalf of Claudia, we wish you peace of mind and lots of adventure! Stay healthy, in the new day of the Sun!


Links mentioned in this post:
FB Sites:
Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures! Group

Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures Store

The tech end of things (all free with limitations, of course, but they work for our purposes) (for our emailing system) (for menu building)
Zendesk (for chat system)

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