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Monday, October 1, 2018

From UK to Calais through Belgium into Amsterdam!

Dateline Sunday 9/30/2018!
A 3:45 AM awake time had Claudia and I scrambling to meet the demands of our tour! This being the first full day with our tour group made for quiet an adventure!

Expecting a full breakfast buffet, it was a slight disappointment to be greeted with a traditional European fare of coffee, juice, and rolls...a traditional continental breakfast and one we expect to experience through our adventure!

We gathered with others and climbed aboard the tour bus at 4:45 AM for about an 1.5 hr ride south to Dover and the infamous White Cliffs.

We made our way through port customs and onto a huge ferry for another hour and a half ride across the channel, enjoying a full English breakfast for 10 Pounds each, to Calais, France and on toward the east to Belgium.

It is currently after 1 pm as we cross Belgium, past Brussels, Dunkirk, and Antwerp.

The roadway we are traveling is on of the best well-lit in all of Europe.

It is now 3:30 pm, 41 km from Amsterdam.

We arrived at the Amsterdam airport hotel about 4:30 pm got our luggage in our room freshened up, and went on a canal cruise through Amsterdam had dinner on our own (famous for their fries with a mayo topping, plus an extra side dinner of short ribs a few shops down)

More tomorrow. Stay tuned as pics and videos are developed!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Our adventure begins! Claudia and I are in RDU awaiting our first leg of our adventure to Europe! We leave at 2:45 pm on Thursday, 9/27/2018, for a short flight to Dulles in Washington, DC. A 2+ hour layover before we begin the 7:30 min flight to Heathrow! We are to arrive in London by 6:30 am, London time.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

3 Ways Gorging while Traveling Can Ruin a Senior's Day

Contributor: Bill League

As retired seniors, we typically have our own “system” for eating and enjoying our meals that have developed over our lifetimes. These eating patterns can change when we develop medical issues, such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and the like, that force us to readjust our eating habits.

When we vacation and otherwise travel we can feel we are entitled to break the old routines and just enjoy whatever we want...after all, we are on “vacation” right? Eat half of that Key Lime pie, rather than a measured slice, indulge in a Banana Split while at the beach. After all, the last time you had one was when you were twelve on summer vacation with your parents at Atlantic Beach. Enjoying the memories of our youth can provide comfort and escape your present reality! Isn't that what vacationing does for us? After all, many of us have felt we have been on one long perpetual diet and we're sick of it!

Well, not so forward to a new future.

You are now planning a European Tour with an organized group. Many of us think, “well, I'm going to budget sufficient funds so I can enjoy gastronomical feasts every day while on tour.” I know that thought runs through my mind. But can I? Realizing I am traveling on a tight budget starts to put a knot in my desire to pig out! It's right expensive over there, you know? A simple sandwich at a deli could cost as much as $15-$20 in a place like London or Paris! Imagine eating at a fine restaurant every day at noon...what...$40-$50 each? Let's see...$50/day for a 14-day tour will cost me something get the picture! So, with this realization, my enthusiasm for savoring a steady stream of delicately well prepared fine French/Germany/Italian meals diminishes. The mere fact we have to watch our dollars places a healthy restraint on our otherwise uncontrollable desire to eat everything in sight!

Gastronomy (not astronomy, gastronomy!)

Ask yourself what happens when you suddenly begin to eat differently? What physiological changes occur? Remember, we are in our late 60's, 70's and 80's now, not 25! Our sense of “regularity” if you get my drift, changes...meaning more potty breaks, more gas, possibly dehydration become issues. Bad breath also rears its ugly head as well. Our bodies will be undergoing physiological stress from the change in physical activity as well. You may find your sleep patterns and energy levels change for the worse. Not something you want to experience on a fast-paced tour when getting up at zero-dark-thirty is a must! Are you going to start missing breakfast just so you can get an extra few minutes of shut-eye time before running to get on your tour bus? Not a great idea at our age.

Medical Concerns

If you are one of those seniors who have zero medical issues, raise your hand! That's what I thought! Not many of you are in perfect health...we all have something that has gone awry with our bodies. However, we do not need to let those complications interfere with our sense of wonder and exploring different cultures. We just need to work at adapting to our personal realities.

I would really like to eat anything I would like while on vacation. The reality for me is that I am a diabetic (with a few other medical issues thrown in for good measure!) Those of you that are in my boat with me know what controlling our glucose levels means to our energy, physical stamina, mental state and all round well being. The tour organizations I am familiar with will ask during the registration process, if there are any dietary restrictions you want to comply with. This is a good staring point. Save your desire for meals that are not very good for you for limited consumption on your own. Let the tour operator know your diet requirements for healthy eating.

Alcohol, excessively starchy meals (include most bread and potatoes) are like a death sentence for our blood sugar levels, so consume them moderately and much less frequently than others traveling with you. People do not have to curb their eating style to conform to yours...take responsibility for yourself, Eat what is right for you....let others enjoy their food in peace from your nagging and complaining about why you can't eat what they are eating. In the end, people don't really care what you think and they will do what they want to do regardless. Don't be a wet blanket on others while at the dinner table. It's really bad manners!

So let's say you and your travel buddy are sitting in a famous Pub in London. You see your favorite British dish,“Bangers and Mash” on the menu. You both order the dish. Your travel buddy may be able to eat the entire plate of three huge sausages and what appears to be a small mountain of mashed potatoes. You know you cannot eat that much food in one sitting. Be a bit preemptive. Ask your waiter for lesser portions (and why not at least ask for a lower price as well.) If that cannot be done (I know this is hard to do in the States) eat one sausage and about a cup of the “mash”. I makes me cringe too! Wasting all the money on a dish you cannot enjoy completely! Well, “doggie bag” it if you can save it for another meal (probably not though give the pace of your tour) or let your travel buddy enjoy it later, (and she can torment you with how much better it was than the original meal! lol)

In other words, enjoy the unique gastronomic foods the region is known for...just overdo it...moderately. Your blood glucose will appreciate it and you will have gotten the culinary pleasure out of the meal. Eat the foods that bring on that guilty pleasure...just less of it! In some cases much less of it!

You're thinking to what or how can I eat healthy while on my tour?

First, let's talk about how badly you smell! Here are a few tips from an article from, entitled, “7 Reasons you Smell Bad When Traveling” I'll just focus on four that pertain to eating and drinking. Follow the link to the article if you are interested in the other three.

  1. Dehydration – Drink lots of water (not caffeinated drinks nor coffee)
  2. A Different Diet - “Eating a new type of cuisine can mess with your body odor, turning it from sweet to sour. Watch out for bad B.O. culprits like cruciferous vegetables (such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts), red meat, fish, and processed junk foods, all of which can cause a bad olfactory turn.” Remember, we are talking about foods that create bad odors when in confined spaces like an airplane or a tour bus, not that you should never eat them, for there are nutritional benefits to them all. - Bill)
  3. Over-Indulging local drinks - There ’s nothing wrong with wanting to try one or two of the special local cocktails or brews while you’re traveling. But if you drink too much alcohol, you might still smell like the bar the next morning. According to Men’s Health, stouts and other dark alcohols cause more of a stench than clearer spirits, like vodka.”
  4. Skipping Meals - “Maybe you’re too busy to eat or just trying to save money by skipping lunch while traveling in an expensive destination. You might wind up with hunger pains and bad breath, as not eating can cause a breakdown in body chemicals known as Ketoacidosis, which results in stinky smells. Beat this by packing some healthy snacks to bring with you on your trip.
Here is one more tip to enjoy your meals, whatever the size...” eating more slowly may be a crucial lifestyle change to help prevent metabolic syndrome, When people eat fast they tend not to feel full and are more likely to overeat. Eating fast causes bigger glucose fluctuation, which can lead to insulin resistance." (Metabolic syndrome develops when an individual has three of any of the following risk factors: abdominal obesity, high fasting blood sugar, hypertension or hyperlipidemia.)

Saturday, May 26, 2018

5 Top Trip Tips Articles from our Blog

5 Top Trip Tips Articles from our Blog

While we are creating more and more posts and videos of our own, there is such a wealth of useful information online that we decided to build our own aggregation of the best advice we run across. All these articles can be found under our drop-down menus on our "Trip Tips" page.  Here are five top articles we think are worthy of drawing to your attention.

Start your overseas travel by enrolling in this program. Not only will the US Embassies be able to contact you if unexpected crises arise, your family contact can be reached if anything goes wrong.

3. 7 Reasons You Smell Bad When Traveling (SmarterTravel) Good advice for those long long flights to remain at peace with your fellow travelers!

4. Rick Steves Travel Audio App is a wealth of information to have while on the go. These are audio tours that you can selectively download for the countries and cities and sites of your choice to your smartphone and need not be connected to local WiFi. This is the link to the Google Play app for Android.

We all love food, but when is it too much?

Hi Travel Buddies! This is Claudia!

Bill shared a celebratory experience with me this morning....a family event...a magnificent meal.

Bill mentioned that he didn't sleep well after that meal and felt sluggish the next morning.

Why did that wonderful meal cause discomfort for Bill?

Let's look at that....

  * Our body needs food for energy.

. * Too much food...too much rich food can cause digestive problems
. *  Rich food eaten late in the day causes our digestive system to work very hard.

.  * Our bodies are not able to achieve restful sleep

   * We toss and turn and wake up sluggish and out of sorts.

As energetic senior citizens...we need to eat healthy food at breakfast..lunch and dinner and keep hydrated (fruit, vegetables, lean meat and fish)  that will give us energy for normal tasks and to build up our endurance for travel and adventure.

So....Travel Buddies....

learn a lesson from Bill...
...enjoy a special meal
...not too heavy..
...not too late

Until next time....keep moving..keep healthy.

Claudia/Travel Buddy

(Remember...we want to enjoy our trips overseas and sample in the unique cultural foods of our host countries. We must remember to sample these foods in moderation so as to not create the type of problems I created for myself. We must be able to get a good night's sleep and function with full vigor the next day! - Bill)

Friday, May 18, 2018

Never Give Up on a Dream!

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.  The time will pass anyway." Earl Nightingale

Hi Travel Buddies!

Wow!  Life!   How amazing and precious it is........

aches?  pains?  aging?    that's's part of life

Bill and I are the same age(72).  We love a challenge....going after something we want...our European Trip.

We need to keep healthy physically and mentally for a maximum adventure experience.

Follow Bill on video ... watch his progress...  create your own personal challenge.

Keep moving!
Keep dreaming!
Make it happen!

Have a wonderful day....until next time .....

Claudia/ Travel Buddy

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

TB Branded Clothing Now Available!

We've started our first TB Branded clothing campaign that will run for the next 21 days! 

Also, we have a limited number of Branded Ball Caps available beginning May 20, 2018!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Senior Travel Fitness

Claudia and I decided to add a page called Senior Travel Fitness.  How many of you out there in travel land are hesitant to take on an overseas trip because you no longer feel as if you are in good enough physical shape? You watch travel documentaries enjoying the scenery and the various cultures but do not see yourself actually taking that step to book a tour?

It just might be you feel insecure about your physical condition. We're here to take that excuse away from you...with your help of course. We decided to add this module to our site as a way to counter your hesitation! Yes, as we all know, most of us do not have the physical strength we had just 10 years ago. And like many, you just got comfortable and reduced your expectation as to what you could actually do. You take 50 steps and you're aching, or feel exhausted. Your feet hurt, you're breathing heavy, that old pain in your sacroiliac is coming back! Whatever shall you do?

Tours are typically fast-paced events with early rising, long days on your feet, and by nightfall, you are exhausted. So what do you say we do something to minimize the impact of a tour before we actually get on that plane to fly to Europe!

On this new page, you will find a series of videos produced by Travel Buddies as well as a few links to Senior Fitness programs that will help you plan out a daily routine you can implement starting six months out from your tour date.

So, let's get started! (I know you don't want to be the one person on your tour bus that complains constantly about how tired or sore you are.)

Here is a strength building site with many good videos to help you kickstart your fitness routine! It's called "Easy Strength Training Exercises for Seniors"  by Dr. Mercola. There are also, of course, the popular Silver Sneakers fitness programs now offered through most health insurance companies. We will cover that program in depth in a video.

(Disclaimer: Travel Buddies are not medical experts, so you should always check with your Physician and or your Physical Therapist to determine if you are fit enough to begin any exercise routine. In fact, your specialists may have exercise programs they can recommend to you. What is presented here are just things Claudia and I have discovered that work for us.)

Friday, April 27, 2018

Making Memories by Claudia

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams..." 
(Oprah Winfrey)

Hi!   It's Claudia checking in with you!

Do you like to read?   about far away lands?  watch documentaries about them?

Me too!

History...culture and travel have always fascinated me.  I want to see what is...over the hill..across the ocean.

I want to gather and knit my adventures into beautiful, unforgettable memories I can wrap that comfortable memory shawl around me one day.

Bill and I are planning and saving our money...looking forward to an amazing budget travel experience.   Instead of spending money on restaurant lunches...we will buy French bread..some fruit..a wedge of cheese..some water or juice and picnic near the Eiffel Tower in Paris....  we will browse for amazing finds at the Paris Flea Market.

It's about making memories

Till next time...have a wonderful day.


What's Your Travel Dream? What's Your Passion?

What's Your Travel Dream?  What's Your Passion?

If you are on a fixed limited retirement income, can you afford to travel to Europe? Surprisingly, Claudia and I are doing just that! We are not much different than you really. We just have a dream to travel and the passionate desire to just do it!

This video was produced to encourage you to motivate yourself by looking at your passion and to see if there is a way to use your passion to make a travel dream come true! This video is peppered with images of the places we will be traveling to in September. I take a walk down memory lane of my time in Lugano Switzerland many years ago.  I discuss our passions and how we intend to use that passion while traveling!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

6 Safety Tips for Seniors Traveling to Europe

6 Safety Tips for Seniors Traveling to Europe

All of us travel for the pleasure and adventure of exploring new and different cultures and sometimes in our enthusiasm we underestimate the potential risks involved with civil unrest being at the top of our lists. So this video is not about discouraging you from traveling Europe, but to put into perspective the reality of such risks.

Millions of Americans travel to Europe annually and have extraordinary experiences and never once have a this is about perspective. Keep the safety threats in the back of your mind, be aware, but not let them rule your every move and make you afraid to go out of your hotel room and explore.

#1 Get the lay of the Land – Check the current security level the State Department has assigned to every county. Locate a few current articles and Youtube videos that discuss personal safety to get oriented. Such warning levels are a “low-resolution image” of the potential safety risk. You will want to increase your resolution and dig a bit deeper to understand the places, in particular, you will explore.

#2 Enroll in the State Department Smart Traveler program. If anything does happen while overseas, the local embassy can locate you or alert you to any changes in threat status, or can notify your family back home.

#3 Practice “Situational Awareness”. Stay aware of your surroundings, especially in big metropolitan cities. Notice the intersecting street you are about to pass. Just take a quick glance. Notice the storefronts...anything out of the usual catch your eye?

Red flags should go up if you are walking down a sidewalk and a group of vocal men are coming toward you. Now, they may be quite harmless, but notice their demeanor, are they getting aggressive with each other or with strangers around them? If their presence make you uncomfortable, look for a way to quietly get out of their way. Head for a nearby shop and enter it, cross the street, or just turn around and look for a detour. You do not need to play superhero and get into a confrontation with them.

This is where a bit of understanding about group dynamics comes into play. One person alone is usually not a problem, but the demeanor of this person can quickly change once his is under the influence of a group. But the threat is not just roving gangs; in Europe, the greater threat is from people who look quite nice and normal. They are not about doing you bodily harm...they just want your stuff.

#4 Pickpockets. Let's face it...tourists become targets for all kinds of scams and pickpocket schemes. Visit our blog and (give a special reference here) and watch a few videos on this topic. I'll give one example. A young mother may be pregnant or is leaning over her baby carrier or child in a stroller. You think it's a cute scene so you stop and start a little chit chat with the woman and gush over her child. You are unaware that you have been set up and her companion comes up behind you and slashes your day pack and takes whatever comes out...within seconds and disappears.

A lot of these attacks occur in crowds, so be aware of the crowd you may be walking in. Congested areas like airport lines, entering and exiting city buses or trains or subways are points of contact with the pickpocket. So practice situational awareness, as you would any other city at home. Grip you shoulder bag a bit tighter, maybe even carry your daypack in front of you.

This list goes on and can change in a new study up on the tricks typically pulled.

#5 Don't look like a tourist and decrease your chances of becoming a target. Easier said than done. We have included in our Youtube playlist a discussion on this topic created by a channel named Wolters World. Personally, Claudia and I decided we are going to wear what we want to wear be it sneakers, ball caps or whatever makes our trip comfortable. One exception might be wearing any politically oriented shirts or caps. Just be forceful with the scammers. Just don't say anything and keep on not stop and be polite...chances are that is what they are wanting you to do. Don't fall for the technique.

#6 Nightime, ATM's and Ticket Kiosks. Explore the nightlights and nightlife in a group. Never go to an ATM after dark and have someone with you during the day if possible. Do not accept the help of a “friendly” local to help you get your money or help you at an automated ticket machine for a subway, bus, or train ticket. He or she could have a companion waiting for the opportunity to distract you and steal your stuff.

Okay, these are our top 6 things you can do to protect your safety. Again, remember, just keep your wits about you, practice situational awareness, and most of all enjoy your adventure!

Enjoy your tour regardless!

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Sources Referenced in this video:
State Department  Travel Advisory Levels by country
State Department Smart Traveler Program (go to the Trip Tips page and click the drop-down menu bar regarding the State Department. You will find it there):
Pickpockets video by Wolters World Youtube Channel: 13 Ways Pickpockets try to rob you:
For Travel-Related Accessories: 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Greetings From Claudia!

Hi everyone!
This is Claudia....Travel Buddy with

I'm so excited about our upcoming trip to Europe this Fall!   14 days/7 countries
This is a primo bucket list item for me

I love the idea of an escorted tour....not having to worry about how to get somewhere...where to go.

I am an adventurer and seeker of knowledge and new experiences.  I have an art background so viewing and visiting these amazing countries and the rich history they offer will be a dream come true for me.  I will be creating art pieces during our trip using mixed media and doing rubbings of famous buildings.

I am looking forward to traveling with Bill.  He is a super savvy..street smart and practical.

Please follow us on YouTube and a part of our 'excellent adventure'!

Until next time.....have a. wonderful day!


Facebook Group:
YouTube Channel: 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

5 Things to consider as a Senior taking an escorted Budget Tour on a limited income

If a video window does not appear above, please follow this link

NOTE: Our package price tour includes airfare as well as the bus tour.
Addresses 5 things to consider for a senior traveling on an Escorted Tour on a limited budget. Topics addressed include: Matching your physical limitations to an appropriate tour; Saving for your tour before you sign your contract; Hidden costs including extra meals, admission fees to sites; What is really covered by your tour package, how to read your tentative itinerary, How to calculate the total cost of your tour, including the tour package.

Bill and Claudia, the Travel Buddies!

Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures blog:

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Monday, April 2, 2018

My friend is a Senior and is traveling with his son and finds himself stranded. I am concerned he is not thinking clearly nor managing his affairs appropriately.  What can I do to help?

                 Stranded in Paris and Scared: A Case Study 

The discussion that follows is based on a real-world situation. Claudia was and still is dealing with a long time friend who found himself and his 19-year-old son “stranded in Paris” beginning Christmas of 2017. This issue has not yet been resolved as of April 2018, so there are no pat answers we can provide; we can only elaborate on the issue and reflect on these events and provide some suggestions that may help all of us to avoid similar circumstances to the degree possible. After reading this, if you have a possible solution to this nightmare, please let us know. 

The Challenge as it presented itself: A 57 year old highly trained professional found himself stranded in Paris. His 19-year-old son was over for a Christmas holiday. They had tickets for a flight back to the US, but the father became ill and they missed their flight. The father was robbed and beaten on the streets of Paris sometime following the missed flight. 

(Please follow this link to the Emergency page. This a lengthy article and will be found under a question identical to the title heading this post.)

 Bill and Claudia

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Should you carry a portable carbon monoxide monitor on your travels?

(Written by Bill League of Travel Buddies)

Maybe. Many people do, but is that more of a reflexive response to recent stories of people dying from high exposure to the toxic gas carbon monoxide (CO) while on vacation, a personal experience, or just a 'better safe than sorry” prudent attitude? 

I did a bit of research preparing to write this post. Most US public accommodations are required to have monitor alarm systems in their hotel rooms, as do apartments, If you go on a cruise, the industry has adopted similar standards.
Signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning may include:
  • Dull headache.
  • Weakness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Confusion.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Loss of consciousness.

(Carbon Monoxide (C) is different from Carbon Dioxide (CO2); both are gases, both can be toxic, but the incidences of CO poisoning are greater. It takes a very high concentration of CO2 to cause symptoms of poisoning. Click here to read a clear lay person's explanation of both)

I explored the CDC website for the incidence of CO deaths in the US. There is a study conducted in 2014, covering the years 1999-2010*. Over those 11 years, there were 5149 deaths from CO. Annualized, that worked out to 430 deaths per year. The incidence of deaths was significantly higher for those over 65, with men having twice the death rate than women over 65 per 100,000.

However, the risks seem relatively insignificant from a statistical perspective. Of course, this risk might now be so small because we have raised the awareness of the issue nationally and have passed several regulations requiring these monitors in certain types of accommodations. 

So, what does this data mean for you and I while traveling overseas? It probably depends on where you venture and you risk-taking nature; hence my comment “Maybe”. One issue The Travel Buddies will seek an answer to is whether the hotels we are booked into for our tour routinely have CO monitors in our rooms. Any followup on this topic will be based on our personal experience. One can reasonably assume the standards may well vary across regions, cities, and quality of hotels as well as your mode of travel.

What are you willing to pay for such a monitor, portable enough to be practical? I did find several battery operated monitors on Amazon. I've linked to one unit reasonably priced at about $17.00 with dimensions of 11”x 7”x 3” weighing 5.6 oz...about .02 % of our allowable carryon weight limit of 16 lbs. It's still a bit large for the type of lightweight packing we have in mind, but an almost insignificant portion of our weight limit.

There are always trade-offs. Is your piece of mind worth giving up the carry on packing space for other items?

If you know of an alternative that has a smaller footprint, please share your find with us in the comments section below.
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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Trip Tips: Planning Your Adventure!

 If you have not done much traveling as a tourist overseas, you may have some reservation and apprehension breaking your comfort zone. How to get from here, the US, to there, Europe, and what you want to see while there. Well, it boils down to where you want to go, how long can you stay, how you want to travel, what time of the year should you go for those special countries you want to take in. You want to miss the crowds if possoible, right? In other words, it takes some planning, with a capital "P",

 I really like Rick Steves travel advice. He packs light, "wears the world like a loose garment" and over 30 years has traveled four months out of the year for pleasure as well as for his business. Here is one of his video lectures that take at least part of the mystery out of the entire process, called, European Travel Skills: Trip Planning. Might as well start at the beginning and listen and watch a pro. This video is about 45 minutes in's worth every minute.

If you find this video useful and have not already subcribed to our blog, please do so! We'd love to have you join us as we navigate Europe!

Claudia and Bill

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Growth of our "System"

How are you all doing! It's supposed to be spring here in NC, but when you wake up to snow and cold temps, you know something is amiss!

While I have been busy putting all the technological pieces of our blog puzzle together, Claudia has been feeding useful travel tip information to me from various sources. We are on our way to having a good site packed with useful tips!

Claudia has been obtaining more information on international airline travel and how to navigate that complex system easier, and gems on how to dress and what to take while on our flight. So please check out the Links page as well as Trip Tips sections for more details! We are extremely excited about this new "turning the page" and starting new chapters in our life stories! Here's one her picks this week...What 11 things not to wear going through airport security

Meanwhile, I have created several pulldown menus to help the pages stay clean without scrolling halfway to Belize to find something useful with built-in search capabilities! We added a menu system for each country we will be visiting. They will begin to flush out the details as our trip nears, and especially document the best of each country!

We created a Facebook group called, Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures!, and a newly inspired Facebook page called, Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures Store, where we plan to market our own branded Travel Buddies apparel in the near future! So, if you have access to Facebook, please stop by and join each! The Group will be non-commercial, while the Store will be a small commercial venture. I wanted to physically separate the purpose for each.

The big task completed this week has been the installation of a chat system. The icon is found at the bottom right corner of each page.

Thanks for joining us. We appreciate your support!

On behalf of Claudia, we wish you peace of mind and lots of adventure! Stay healthy, in the new day of the Sun!


Links mentioned in this post:
FB Sites:
Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures! Group

Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures Store

The tech end of things (all free with limitations, of course, but they work for our purposes) (for our emailing system) (for menu building)
Zendesk (for chat system)

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Our very first video! Welcome to Travel Buddies!

Well, we've finally done it! Created our very first Travel Buddies video! It is found in the right column of our blog. It's a modest effort and as we practice making more, we'll get better at it.  This is our welcome video and introduction to us, The Travel Buddies!

If you are receiving this post through an email you will need to click the link provided to view the video.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stuff vs Adventure

Stuff vs Adventure
 We all know when we get to the age Claudia and I are, that having too much stuff can be more of a burden than a blessing...that there are other aspects of life and living that have much more meaning. 

Family is one. Another of the major joys in the world is to experience what this world has to feed that desire, to scratch that "itch".  Something else that gives us great joy is giving a part of ourselves to something bigger; causes that are our passion. 

In the linked article, this author talks about spending your discretionary money on having life experiences rather than just buying more stuff. Claudia and I are in agreement that to find a way to help others when in another country is to follow that passion as well as a new experience.

Claudia's passion is animal welfare. She would like to find time, whether on this trip or a future trip, to volunteer at an animal shelter for a day or two, or whatever the schedule permits. As an old social worker that worked with troubled youth, I'd like to find a way to volunteer for a day or two helping troubled kids, or at least share my experience with the staff of one of those organizations. The setting doesn't matter, the activity doesn't matter.

Don't let a language barrier stop you from adventure or following a dream...more over, make it the reason, not the excuse.

Read this article, The 1 Thing You Should Be Spending Money on to Be Happythen answer the following question for yourself. Share your dream...share it with us! Make it become a reality!

What's your passion, what's your dream?

 (Humm, just planting a seed here...wonder how many of you would like to be part of a special group trip to follow your passion? We agree on a European destination, do some sightseeing and spend time there as volunteers. We all do not have to have the same passion and volunteer interests. In fact, the more variety the better the trip! Let us know what you think?)

 If you haven't done so already, sign up to follow our posts!

Good Day!

Bill, Co-Creator of Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Who are we and what are we about?

Welcome! My name is Bill League and I love breaking out of my comfort zone and experiencing new adventures along with my Travel Buddy, Claudia. We decided to travel as much of the world as we can. We are both Senior Citizens based respectively in the US and in Belize. 

As pensioners and adventurers, we love the excitement of breaking our routines, but doing so on limited budgets. We have partnered up to take you as virtual fellow travelers on our adventures, letting you see the world through our eyes. 

Along the way we plan on giving you insights as to what we experience, the foods we sample, the exciting places this world has to offer!  

We are excited to meet new people and engage with unfamiliar learn as much as we can and to share our enthusiasm with you!

We want you to participate by letting us know of your experiences as well and to ask us any questions you may have.

We will be taking photos and videos, and give you short periodic five minute video commentary of our adventures. We may also attempt live chats along the way, perhaps over dinner in the evenings after the day's events are complete. 

We will let you know the  travel gear that work for us...and those that don't. The hotels we stay in and whether we think were acceptable or not. In otherwords, we are going to be honest about our experiences with you.

If you are getting up in years, but you know you are still young at heart, connect with us...see if our adventures inspire you to join us and become a part of our Travel Buddies Excellent Adventures! Community.

...stay tuned, bookmark our blog, or sign up for our email list for updates and see what adventures we are planning! Who may decide you might want to join us on an Excellent Adventure!